Actually, we returned from camp ten days ago, but this the first day I’ve been able to post. This is going to sound so lame and whiney, but all last week we had no wirelessinternet. That is, we (the four of us in the family who use the internet) could take turns plugging laptops directly into the modem, but even aside from the bickering about whose turn it was and how long the turns should last, this was a less than satisfactory solution. There’s not a lot of room to put a laptop where the modem is, so we’d end up sitting on this hard-backed chair with the laptop literally in our laps, hunched over it in such a position that our necks would start to hurt in about five seconds. It was okay for answering the most urgent emails and taking my pathetic turns in a humiliating game of Wordscraper but not for blogging.

Now we’ve got the router finally working and I spent a lot of the day catching up on the important but not super urgent emails that were too hard to answer while hunched over in the hard-backed chair. I did great. Cleaned out my inbox, made my to-do list for the upcoming week, got everything under control… And then I checked my feed reader. Gulp. Over four hundred posts!

I’m sorry!

I couldn’t do it. Much as I love all the blogs I subscribe to, l took a deep breath and marked everything “read” in one fell swoop. Huge guilt, but if I didn’t, I’d procrastinate for days and feel like I couldn’t write a blog post until I’d read & commented on everyone else’s first. And I’ve been reading some interesting books lately, plus I have a long overdue post about graphic novels in the works, not to mention the most recent Weekly Geeks assignment (author photos) which looks very fun. So… I’m starting fresh from this point on. Stay tuned for some more bookish posts coming soon.

And just to spice up this boring “housekeeping” post, here’s a vacation photo.

Our cabin was near a little wooded area. This little guy and his sister, and sometimes his mom also, were frequent visitors in our sideyard.