In the last few days I sent out drafts of three brochures, a website, a flyer, and half of a newsletter. I went to a marketing committee meeting where I made deeply insightful comments about the virtues of using plain text rather than html for electronic newsletters. And I got hired for a big website that I am very excited about! Woo-hoo!

I made a potato-veggie kugel and my famous spicy carrot salad to bring to my parents’ seder.

I read a book, Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner, which I highly recommend to anyone who loves ridiculous plot coincidences and/or one-dimensional stock characters of which none are the least bit sympathetic or interesting.

To get the taste of that out of my mouth I went back to the old tried-and-true you-know-who. The Far Side of the World happened to be closest at hand this time. Right now we’re just getting out of the doldrums, thank God, and pretty soon the bad thing that happens as a result of the love triangle between Mr. Horner (the impotent gunner) and Mr. Hollom (the down-and-out midshipman, possibly a Jonah, but boy can he sing exquisitely) and Mr. Horner’s wife (who will wash her smalls in the fresh water that’s needed for steeping the salt meat and mixing the grog), is going to happen. And Dr. Maturin and Mr. Martin, bless their hearts, are presently going to see some blue-faced boobies.

And wouldn’t you know it, Steve recently discovered that there are TWO seasons of Six Feet Under at the video store that we haven’t seen. You know what that means: shuffling the kids off to bed as early as we decently can, and then gluing ourselves to the tv to watch three or four episodes per night. Night after bleary night until we’re done. We can’t help ourselves. This is why we don’t have regular tv (no reception at all). At least with videos we only do this a few times a year. Other shows we’ve watched: CSI Las VegasSopranos, and 24. Though we’re not planning to continue with 24, not after the last season where the show’s right-wing agenda became so painfully apparent. Six Feet Under, if nothing else, is a good antidote for that.