Don’t know if you caught my friend Leslie’s comment on the previous post. Anyway, here is the photo.











So here we are, circa 1983. Les on the left, me in the middle, and John on the right. May I point out:

1. My pin-striped jeans? SO early eighties. They probably came halfway up my ribcage.

2. Above my head you can see part of a poster of The Who.

3. Above that poster is a photo of John Entwistle and his french horn.

4. My favorite detail: also on the wall, to the right of Entwistle, is a poster for our high school production of The Music Man. Les and I were both in the pit orchestra for that show.

5. This photo was taken by Leslie & John’s dad, who is a professional photographer.

* * *

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Leslie still had the drawing, too. After all, she is a librarian, so archives and stuff are right up her alley. Anyway, as she said in the comment, I drew this picture when she was about to go on a first date, which was to see The Kids Are Alright. Can you tell? His thought balloon contains a heart and her thought balloon contains the lyrics to “Happy Jack.” I don’t remember drawing this, but I must confess I think it’s pretty damn funny. And may I point out her pea jacket? We were all wearing pea jackets in those days. I was so in love with my pea jacket.

* * *

Last but definitely not least, here is Sappho (The Cat Who Was Pete) in all her glory. Twenty-some years later and I’m still grieving. And she wasn’t even my cat.