I watched the Nancy Drew movie this afternoon, on Netflix.

Were you a fan of Nancy Drew? Boy, I sure was. In fact, the first chapter book I ever read was The Whispering Statue. I was lucky enough to have an older neighbor girl give me a big box of books she’d outgrown, a box that included umpteen Nancy Drews, some Trixie Beldens, and even a Bobbsey Twins or two. I devoured ‘em all. To this day there are certain words and phrases that still remind me of Nancy Drew: bungalow, titian, hunch (as in I have a hunch), sleuth, and of course “come to.”

Before watching it, I briefed my kids on Nancy Drew. I told them about Carson, Hannah Gruen, Bess & George, Ned Nickerson, etc. (Yeah, Mom, whatever.) And I’m pleased to tell you, the movie did not disappoint. It was great. The plot was so Nancy Drew-ish. A “haunted” house with a secret room. A hidden will. A small child. Nancy “coming to” after being knocked out by the heavy. Twists and turns…

There was just one problem. Nancy looked so young! I realized that even though I’m forty and Nancy is forever seventeen, I still think of her as much older than me. I believe I was about 6 when I read The Whispering Statue; at that time, high school teenagers might as well have been grandparents.

Anyway, the movie was a lot of fun. Best of all were the titles & credits, which used line drawings in the style of the original books. Very cute. An afternoon well-spent.