Oh, God. This is so NOT the post I was planning to write today. I have tons to write about, but it all blew out of my head when I got out of the shower this morning and heard my cat meowing urgently. There was an unfamiliar note in his meow that worried me. I finished getting dressed and went to investigate. It sounded like he was in the basement, and sure enough there he was at the bottom of the basement stairs, heaven help us, eating a dead bird. I could hear the bones crunching.

Now, it pains me to admit this, but I have a little chink in my Strong Woman armor, and that chink is Dead Bodies. I can’t abide them. I can deal with most insects, spiders, worms, creepy-crawlies (ok, not including earwigs) so long as they’re alive, but even the cutest dead ladybug in the window sill? freaks. me. out. Particularly if it should happen to be upside down, with its motionless dead legs in the air… Ugh, puke.

Our kitties are pretty vigilant about keeping the local small rodent & bird population to acceptable levels, and they frequently leave us little gifts in the driveway. Typically I instruct the kids not to go near, and wait for hubby to get home and clean up. But IN the house? On the basement floor, between me and my computer? I’m not sure I could ignore it, but neither could I bring myself to, you know, dispose of it.

So I did the obvious thing: I went upstairs and called my mom for moral support. “Mom? Mommy? Are you there? Oh Mom, if you’re screening your calls, please please pleasepick up!” Luckily my mom has a whopping dose of Maternal ESP, and she did answer. And she comforted me with several dead animal clean-up anecdotes of her own (in a word: maggots) that made me feel much better. We reached the conclusion that I should go out to the garage, get our heavy-duty long-handled shovel, and use that to scoop up the bird and dump it into the trash.

And guess what? I must have been on the phone with her longer than I had realized, because when I apprehensively went back downstairs, I discovered that Peter had eaten it all! There was nothing left but a small pile of bones & feathers. And I can live with that until hubby gets home.











Don’t ya just love a happy ending?