At last, the election is over and I can get back to normal life again. Honestly, those last few weeks reminded me of late-stage pregnancy: thinking of nothing but that slowly approaching date, the mixture of dread and excitement, the utter inability to focus on anything else… Yes, I am thrilled with the results (except Prop 8 in California) but even if it had god forbid gone the other way I would still, at least, be glad that the damn thing was finally OVER.

It is good to be back here at Bookworm! During my unplanned hiatus I read a grand total of ONE books. Yes, that’s right. I have read ONE book since August 30, the date of my last real post. And I have let all your posts pile up in Google Reader. Instead, I read about fifty million diaries on, and about a hundred thousand articles apiece on Huffington Post and and and various other assorted lefty liberal blogs. “Pundit” is now right up there with “maverick” on my list of Words I Never Want To Hear Again.

So… I have lots to do now that we have a president-elect. I have blog posts to read, client work to catch up on, a book review to write, and shit, my house and yard are positively sordid.